Several Companies of Workers have been Replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), How is Human Preparation to Face The Challenge?

Department of Economics Study Program at Pembangunan Panca Budi University (UNPAB) held an International Seminar with the theme "Digital Revolution On Workforce: Challenges and Impact From a Big Data and Business Intelligence Perspectives" which was attended by 100 UNPAB students. This activity was carried out online via virtual zoom meeting cloud on Friday, December 16, 2022.

Attending at the zoom meeting, the Head of Development Economics Study Program, Dr. E. Bakhtiar Efendi, SE., M.Si, Lecturer in Development Economics at UNPAB, Zata Hasyyati, SE., M.Sc., MAppEC, Mae Fah Luang University-Thailand, Dzakiyy Hadiyan AAchyar, SE., M.Sc., MEc , Lecturer in Development Economics as Moderator, Dr. E. Diwayana Putri Nst, SE., M.Si, Master of Ceremony, Dr. E Lia Nazliana Nst, SE., M.Sc, along with students of Department of Economics Study Program at Pembangunan Panca Budi University.

Entering the era of the digital revolution, around 85 billion jobs have been replaced by machines. With increasingly sophisticated digital developments, everything is done by means of digital technology.

Dzakiyy Hadiyan AAchyar, SE., M.Sc., MEc explained, "every human being nowadays must have social media that can connect us to the whole world. In terms of its positive impact, technology makes it very easy for us. When we want to shop or buy something, we have shopee, tokopedia, lazada and so on. And it doesn't rule out the possibility, if we want to eat and feel lazy to cook something, we can use technology such as gofood, grabfood, shopeefood and order it right away. And for sure, we all have mbanking, and when we sit in any shop, we can pay via qris because now all transactions can be done only through a mobile phone. We no longer need to take cash because digital transactions can be done.”

"Then, one of the news that I follow, that companies in Japan, workers are replaced by robot performance (Artificial Intelligence). And that will be a challenge for us, because we can't just have 1 skill. Now, machines can work, and it is possible that someday or in the next few years humans will be replaced”, he continued.

Technology also facilitates communication, productivity, and access to global information. And ways to face that challenge, by having many skills that we build through business intelligence, mastering the language of public speaking widely.

"Zata Hasyyati, SE., M.Sc., MAppEC also explained, this world will change, for that from now on we must immediately prepare things that must be prepared to face the digital era and global challenges. In the future, we will compete not only with fellow human beings, but also with machines. So, use technology as best as possible to help us find solutions to every problem that exists”, she explained.

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